Legal English – Peter’s Pills – Lesson 60 – Test your Legal English

Legal English for Notaries - By Federnotizie

Test your Legal English


Today we have a Legal English multiple choice test to check your knowledge of some essential legal English terms. Verify your answers after you have done the test in the key that follows. Please remember to do this only AFTER you have done the test!

1. Which is correct?
A. He is a party in the contract
B. He is a party of the contract
C. He is a party to the contract
D. He is a party with the contract
E. Both A and B

2. I signed a contract. The other person who also signed the same contract is called:
A. My counterpart
B. My counterparty
C. The culprit
D. The other person

3. When a provision of a contract has no legal effect and should be treated as not existing, we call this provision:
A. Null
B. Void
C. Null and void
D. Empty
E. All of the above are correct (A to D)
F. Both A and B
G. A, or B, or C are all correct

4. When something cannot be legally avoided or stopped and the parties have a legal obligation to each other, we say that this is:
A. Vincolating
B. Obligating
C. Binding
D. Constrictive
E. Inderogable
F. All of the above (A to E)
G. Both A and D
H. Both A and E

5. The document that specifies the rules for a company’s operations and how tasks are to be done within the company, including the process concerning directors and the handling of financial records in the UK is called:
A. The articles of association
B. The deed of incorporation
C. The memorandum of bylaws
D. The memorandum of incorporation
E. All of the above (A to D)

6. When you keep something in custody for a third party, this is called:
A. Deposit in guarantee
B. Fidejussion
C. Escrow
D. Unjust enrichment
E. All of the above (A to D)
F. Both A and B
G. Both A and C
H. A, or B, or C are all correct

7. A wrongful act or civil wrong by one person or entity against another that causes harm (danno) and is not governed by contract is called a:
A. Trick
B. Tort
C. Illicit
D. Extra-contractual illicit
E. Wrong
F. Damage

8. All the assets and all the debts, that a person has when they die; the total value (positive or negative) that a deceased person leaves in this world; is called:
A. Estate
B. Trust
C. Patrimony
D. Alimony
E. Belongings
F. Real value
G. Life value
H. Nett value
I. Gross value

9. A charge or an encumbrance on property to guarantee a debt or other duty that is created by agreement of the parties, or by law, is called a:
A. Super-encumbrance
B. Debt
C. Fidejussion
D. Lien
E. Legal vincol
F. Vehicle

10. In Legal English “damages” means:
A. More than one damage
B. A sum of money given as compensation
C. Things that are damned
D. A group of noble French women

11. A legal document that is signed and delivered, especially one regarding the ownership of property or legal rights is called a/an
A. Act
B. Contract
C. Deed
D. Title

12. Which statement is correct:
A. All agreements are contracts
B. All contracts are agreements
C. All contracts are agreements and all agreements are contracts
D. A contract is not an agreement.

13. Which verb means the same as “to make a transfer of a property interest to another individual by either gift or sale”
A. Remit
B. Convey
C. Transmit
D. Dispatch
E. Shift
F. Encumber

14. The abbreviation for “last will and testament” is:
A. Last
B. Will
C. Will and testament
D. Testament
E. Both C and D

15. The best way to say: “The shareholders have chosen and given authority to a new director” is to say:
A. The shareholders have awarded a new director.
B. The shareholders have nominated a new director.
C. The shareholders have allotted a new director.
D. The shareholders have appointed a new director.
E. The shareholders have set a new director.
F. The shareholders have granted a new director.

YOUR SCORE: ________________/15

Now, why not share your score with a colleague or friend?

KEY to test:

1C See Peter’s Pills 1
2B See Peter’s Pills 1
3G Null; void, or null and void are all correct. See Peter’s Pills 6
4C Only C is correct. The other words are invented. See Peter’s Pills 59
5A See Peter’s Pills 4
6C See Peter’s Pills 5
7B Only B is correct
8A Only A is correct
9D Some of the options are invented words. See Peters Pills 35
10B See Peter’s Pills 7
11C See Peter’s Pills 51
12B See Peter’s Pills 51 (paragraph 2);
13B Peter’s Pills 6
14B “Will” is the only abbreviation we use in Englsih for the longer expression;
15D See Peter’s Pills 53

Thank you, and see you next time for more Peter’s Pills to improve your legal English.

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