Legal English – Peter’s Pills – Lesson 14 – Here and there compounds

Con quest’ultima pillola prima della pausa estiva Peter ci aiuta a mettere a fuoco la differenza tra here e there e le loro forme composte. Buona lezione! Ci rivediamo a settembre.

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Here and there compounds



Words like hereinafter or thereinafter, or hereby or thereby, or hereon or thereon could initially seem confusing to a foreign student of Legal English. They are, however, actually quite easy to understand.

First, you need to know that “here” compounds refer to THIS thing here, to THIS agreement, to THIS provision, to THIS document, to THIS instrument, while “there” compounds refer to THAT thing there, to THAT agreement, to THAT provision, to THAT document, to THAT instrument, to THAT attachment.

So bearing in mind that “here” means “this”, and “there” means “that” it follows that “herein” means in this agreement/provision/document, while therein means in that agreement/attachment/provision etc.

Here are the meanings of the most common here – and there – compounds:

Compound Meaning
hereafter after this, from now on, following this
herebefore before this, earlier in this document; hereinbefore
hereby by this; by this means, as a result of this
herefore for this, instead of this or in consideration of this
herein in this, in this document
hereinabove above in this, earlier in this document
hereinafter after in this, from now on in this document
hereinbefore before in this, before in this document
hereof (a) of this, relating to this document or part of it
hereof (b) the date of a contract
hereafter after this, from now on, following this
hereto to this, to this matter (questione), to this document
heretofore before this, until now, formerly (precedentemente)
hereunder (a) under this, under the authority of this
hereunder (b) subsequently
hereunto (unto = to) to this
hereupon (upon = on) on this, as a result of this
herewith with this, accompanying this document
thereafter after that
thereby by that, by that means
therefore for that, for that reason or purpose
therein in that document/contact/instrument/attachment
thereinafter in that, in that part of a document that follows
thereinbefore before in that, mentioned previously in that document
thereinunder under that, mentioned in that section of that document
thereof of that, relating to that document/attchment
thereon on that, on it
thereto to that, following that document
theretofore before that, in the time before that document was produced
thereunder (a) under that, under that part of the document
thereunder (b) under the provisions or by the authority of that
thereupon (upon = on) on that, on that date/event, as a result of that, after that
therewith with that, accompanying that document

At this point, if you cover the meaning of the compounds with your hand and reread them, I’m sure that in almost all cases you will get the basic definition right.

Try it!

Thank you very much and see you next time for more Peter’s Pills to improve your Legal English!

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Legal English for Notaries - By Federnotizie

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